The BodyMind Academy provides an OASIS of healing in an increasingly anxious world. 

The learning experiences we invite you to participate in are:
holistic, conscious and essential.


Healing results when something that has been disconnected is reconnected, when what has been lost is found and when what has been needed is received.

Many of the attitudes we've been taught toward our minds and our bodies disconnect us from one or both. The body is often discounted and dishonored as "base" as if there were something wrong with physical functions. The mind is often elevated as if rationality were the only right way to see the world. Yet this view totally discounts emotional information and functioning and can lead to illness.

The Holistic Therapies: breath, trance and touch, acknowledge the necessity to reconnect body and mind.

The BodyMind Academy is dedicated to teaching methods and skills that work to reconnect the your body with your mind.

Essential Holistic methods and modalities are Breathwork, Trancework and Touchwork. All of these are taught at BMA.

Those who learn to use all these methods can be certified by the BodyMind Academy as BodyMind Holistic Health Practitioners.

Our state licensed online and onsite certification programs work together to give you the information, skills and tools you need to first experience healing for yourself and second, if you choose, learn to assist the healing process for others.

These certification programs, and all the events and resources available at the Academy, give you the information, skills & habits you'll need to stay physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually healthy through the challenges that life brings.

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Each BMA learning experience offers you many opportunities to build your consciousness and immediately practice your new insights and awarenesses.

As you take each step, it becomes easier for you to stay present, balanced and centered, identify your direction and move into your purpose with focus.

With each skill embodied, each aha! moment, your authentic life pathway becomes clearer & easier to achieve.

Choices that give you the love you need and keep you healthy become more and more natural for you.

Healthy habits replace unhealthy habits as you create your Total Health Lifestyle and build your self esteem.


BMA integrates western scientific and eastern energetic perspectives, bringing balance and satisfaction both to the learning experience and increasingly to your life experience as well.

The skills and habits you lean at BMA give you grounding, balance and energy that are priceless.

Healing is an amazing teacher.
As anyone who has experienced a health crisis can tell you, the ways that healing happens are truly miraculous.

BMA trainings and resources help you discover the resources you have within and achieve the potential to be all you can be. We all have the ability to open up to miracles in our healing and in our relationships.

When you learn to view your life from the Energy Perspective, you can access the amazing potentials available in your DNA.